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3… 2…1… we’re starting!

You do not even realize how happy we are that we can finally show ourselves to the world. The ”STACHOWICZ – ready to wear” project was born quickly and developed for a long time. Our actions were gaining momentum and with that new challenges kept appearing, just like a snowball. Nevertheless, you must know that RTW is also an idea of sustainable trade, ecological production, charitable goals and faith in a better world. Sounds haughty? Good, because we fly and reach high. We care for the environment, because you should always start with yourself. Most important, we believe that by trusting our beliefs and people that surround us, we can create something good We live fast, we experience intensively and we appreciate history. We create in Berlin, we produce in Poland and we are inspired by the whole world. You want to feel the true spirit of Berlin, check our website, facebook, instagram and blog, we guarantee that unusual things will happen here.

3… 2…1… let the #berlinergeist be with you!