Cycling backpacks 2in1

Cycling backpacks – must-have for cyclists

Backpack and bike riding – why not? If you have a really comfortable backpack it’s totally possible! The truth is, a bicycle backpack is a must-have for any cyclist. Especially if you are on a long trip or just need to have a few things with you! If you are fed up with boring backpacks, we encourage you to choose something that will make you more energized like…

Waterproof backpacks for a bike… by Stachowicz Ready To Wear!

Our cycling backpacks are made of waterproof fabrics (you can wear them even when it’s raining). Each of them is based on high functionality and awesome design. You can wear our bike backpacks in two ways: as a cycling backpack and as a shoulder bag! So, basically, it’s not one product, but two. Our entire collection is inspired by the Cosmos, so you will find awesome names of backpacks, such as #mars or #mercury. We have seven different colors for you – you will find the perfect one for sure!

Cycling backpack bags 2in1 are perfect especially for those who love riding a bike. But… they are also really cool fashion accessories for every day! You can wear these backpacks not only when you riding a bike. They are perfect for everyday outfits.

All of the cycling backpacks have adjustable backpack straps, an adjustable strap on the top with buckle closure (it transforms to a shoulder bag strap). They also have a key hook inside, a zipper pocket on the back, and an extra sachet with a zipper inside.

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