Small roll top backpacks – your perfect backpack for every day!

Small-sized roll-top backpacks are very useful for every day. They’re perfect backpacks for everyday use! If you looking for an awesome backpack for work or an awesome backpack for school, small roll-top backpacks are the best choice you can make. They are even cool backpacks for kids!


Where to buy a backpack? That’s easy! You can find your perfect backpacks in our shop online. We have a large selection of backpacks and other fashion accessories. Are you looking for backpacks to fit your laptop? Or maybe do you need a waterproof backpack? Don’t worry – we have them all in different sizes and colors!

What are the most important things in our Stachowicz Ready To Wear backpacks? They are really well-designed and comfortable to use! Also, they’re – like the rest of our fashion accessories – for everyone. 🙂

Small roll-top rucksacks 10L

If the small roll-top backpack is what you need, check out our RollTop_smallsize collection. You will find there our bestselling roll-top backpacks but in a smaller size.  Most of our roll-top backpacks 10L are waterproof and all of them have two pockets outside on the front, a back pocket (with zipper in the side), a laptop pocket, a zipper pocket inside, and a key belt inside.

Honestly, we think they are very cool!

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