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Urban backpack for the city – a must-have item

The urban style has something to it. He is full, full of life, distinctive. It is a response to what life is like in a big city. Everyday urban outfits are outfits that have tasks ahead. They must be practical and unique! One way to achieve that is to choose the perfect backpack that will accompany you on your daily errands. It has to be practical, originally designed and it should help you in express your fashion style… Having an awesome urban backpack nowadays is a must-have!

BackpackBag_cosmicedition by Stachowicz Ready To Wear

Where to buy the best city backpack? You will find the perfect one in our online shop! Urban backpack bags 2in1 are very practical in everyday big city life.  In the one moment, you can turn this backpack into a shoulder bag – and this is really awesome. All of our backpack bags 2in1 are made of waterproof fabric, so you can wear them even when it’s raining.

All of our backpack bags 2in1 from the cosmic edition are made from waterproof fabric and you can wear them in two ways: as a backpack and as a shoulder bag. It’s totally up to you! Also, they all have one adjustable backpack strap (it transforms to a shoulder bag strap), key hook inside, and extra sachet with a zipper inside and inside pocket with velcro closure! For this time, we have 6 beautiful colors to choose from!

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