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Waterproof urban bags

In our opinion, an interestingly designed bag is not only an indispensable accessory, but it is also a perfect complement to any styling. Each of us should have a universal one in our wardrobe – at least just in case! Especially, when it comes to waterproof urban bags!

Where to buy the best urban bag?

You will find many bags in the shops’ offers – how to choose the perfect one? First of all, you need to consider what the purpose of the bag will be and where you will carry it. Depending on what you will keep in it, choose the right size. Secondly, the bag should also match your style. Trust your aesthetics and choose the right design! If you need the perfect bag for your everyday living in the city, you are at the right place. Read about those made by Stachowicz RTW and choose a color for yourself!

Metallic urban bags… Inspired by the cosmos

Our urban bags are waterproof which is really practical. Moreover, the design of our bags is really cool! We have a few beautiful colors like pink, light green, intense blue, gray, black, steel, silver, and gold. The UrbanBag_cosmicediton is inspired by the Cosmos and Planets. Also, you need to know that our urban bags are totally unisex!