Small urban bags – must-have for spring 2021!

If you love fashion, you like to stand out, but at the same time you value functionality, a small and designer bag must be in your wardrobe. You may not fit many things in it, but you will have what is most important to you at hand.

A Bag you want to own…

Minimalistic, but at the same time unusual and eye-catching. Perfect to emphasize the style of each of your outfits – regardless of the situation and the weather. A small bag made of metallic and waterproof fabric. It’s just the bag you want to have.

A Bag you want to own…

Small urban bags made of waterproof fabrics are totally perfect for everyday outfits. Our bags are very minimalistic! Also, you can wear them in two ways… How? On your should just like a regular bag or across your body like a bum bag. We have 7 available awesome colors for you!

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