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Fall in love with bum bags!

Probably everyone knows by now that we – the Stachowicz Ready To Wear brand – love bumbags. Large-sized bum bags, small-sized, medium-sized… All of them are cool! Why? They are very fashionable (yes, bum bags are back in fashion!), universal (they fit every style and every person, regardless of gender or age!). Moreover, they are very comfortable (easy access to your stuff is guaranteed!). All this makes the fanny packs irreplaceable in every everyday styling and this is what we love about them.

Where to get bum bag?

In our online shop, you can find a really cool bum bag for yourself. We have a large selection of fanny packs: different sizes, different colors, different patterns, and different fabrics. We are sure that you get one of them!

Large-sized bum bags made by Stachowicz RTW

Looking for a large bumbag? Check out the large-sized bum bags selection! What is really cool in our fanny packs – except awesome design? All of them have one large pouch with two-sided zippers, one inside pocket, one back pocket with a zipper, a metallic key hook inside, and adjustable straps. Our large bum bags are really BIG! You can use them instead of a little urban backpack.

In our collection, you can find really big reflective bumbag, metallic bumbags, black leather imitation bumbag, and snakeskin pattern bumbag. We are gonna expand our selection soon, but we hope that you will find something for yourself even right now.