What is a bum bag?

Belt bags, bum bags, fanny packs – call these pouches attached to a belt/strap as you like! Bum bags are very useful accessories for every day. It is an accessory that not only emphasizes the style of our outfits but also perfectly replaces a small handbag (after all, it is nothing else than a little bag attached to a belt!) and will save us when we have no pockets.

You can wear the bum bag across your shoulder like a crossbody bag or around the waist, like a hip bag or belt bag.

Where to get a bum bag?

Fashion bum bags are back, so is worth having one of them in your wardrobe.  Where buy a fanny pack? If you looking for a cool bum bag for yourself, You can stop it right now. In our store we have a lot of them!

Bum bag with shoulder straps, bumbag for women, bumbag for men, bum bag with compartments, bum bag for running, bum bag for dog walking, bum bag for kids… Yes, we have it all!

Small-sized bumbags by Stachowicz Ready To Wear

In the we have three sizes of bumbags. Right now you are in the small-sized bumbags category. So what do you need to know about our small fanny packs from our special edition?

Among our little bumbags, you have several options to choose from. We have bumbags made from metallic fabrics, bumbags made from velvet fabrics, bumbags with patterns, and even one bumbag made from reflective fabric. And of course, we have a lot of different colors, so you’re gonna find the perfect one easily.

Bum bags by Stachowicz Ready To Wear are totally awesome and well-designed. They all have one large pouch, a small pocket in the back, a key hook inside the bumbag, and nylon adjustable straps.

If you want a bigger bum bag, you can check our medium-sized bumbags or our big bumbags.

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