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Denim backpack – the perfect accessory for everyone!

Denim backpacks look always cool, regardless of fashion trends. Everyone has to admit that they have something special in themselves. Maybe because they look old school and can add a touch of iconic 90s style to any styling? Backpacks made of denim are very versatile, have a unisex design, and fit a variety of styles. These backpacks are for everyone! They’re perfect for adults and perfect for kids (they’re the best backpacks for school!). And what is really awesome, we’ve got even better options than ordinary denim backpacks- classic upcycled denim backpacks…

Get stylish upcycled denim backpacks from Stachowicz Ready To Wear!

In our offer, you will find many options for classic denim backpacks. What’s special about our backpacks? All our classic backpacks 10L are made of upcycled denim. More precisely – from denim pants! Thanks to this, we do not burden the environment with the production of new things, and you have an amazing product. And not repeatable, because each of ours backpacks is sewn in single pieces. You won’t find two identical models and color compositions here!