double-sided reusable face mask with pattern BUTTERFLIES 100% upcycled cotton


If you want to feel the spring, we have a mask that will help you in this! Our community fask mask with butterflies (and other flying beings) print is the answear. And maybe because of the #butterflies mask, some of your worries will fly away from you?

This upcycling and reusable mask is made of 100% cotton, so you can breath comfortably and your face doesn’t sweat. The mask is attached to elastic bands. The pattern on the fabric can be different in every piece of the #butterflies mask, which is depends on the fabrics cut. The mask is double-sided, on the other side is black denim.

Label with a logo STACHOWICZ READY TO WEAR is made of eco leather.

Handcrafted in Germany & Poland.

Details of the face mask:

unisex design
elastic bands
butterflies print
fabric: 100% cotton
colors: white, black (butterfleis prin on the front, black denim on the back)
washing temperature: 60°C
ironing: max. 3 level (3 dots)
the highest mask height mask (the height from the bottom of the chin to the nose): 12,5 cm
the lowest mask height (side near the ear): 6,5 cm
mask length: 23 cm
total length of a single band: 18 cm


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