steel silver backpack bag 2in1 MERCURY

#mercury steel silver backpack bag 2in1 made of waterproof and metallic fabric

If you are wondering how to emphasize the strong character of your styling? We have a backpack bag in a metallic shade of silver for you. With this backpack, each of your outfits will look cosmically good!

Each of our urban and multifunctional backpacks is based on high functionality and perfect design. All of our backpack bags 2in1 from the cosmic edition are made from waterproof fabric and you can wear them in two ways: as a backpack and as a shoulder bag. It’s totally up to you!

All of the backpack bags 2in1 have one adjustable backpack strap (it transforms to a shoulder bag strap), key hook inside, and extra sachet with a zipper inside and inside pocket with velcro closure.

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Handcrafted in Germany & Poland in limited series.

Label with a logo STACHOWICZ READY TO WEAR is made of eco-leather.


waterproof and metallic fabric

velcro closure and plastic buckle

colors: gray (steel metallic), black

fabrics: 69% polyurethane, 26% polyester, 5% cotton; back – softshell; lining – codura; suspender – nylon

dimensions: 36 W x 43 H cm x 11 D cm

inside extra sachet: 13 x 21 cm

inside pocket with velcro closure: 26 x 35 cm

key hook inside

suspender: 73 cm

2 ways to wear it: as a backpack and as a shoulder bag

* The colors of the real products may be slightly different from the colors in the photos.

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Photomodel / Photographer: Marco Oliveira & Jéssica Tavares


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